Electromechanical Engineering Systems

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Electromechanical Engineering Systems Courses

Electromechanical Engineering Systems Course for Sophomores

Week 1 Week 9
Digitization Physical Modeling of Mechanical Systems
Engineering System Investigation Process Mechanical System Modeling Problems 1 DOF
Electromechanical Engineering Systems Introduction Studio Exercise 1: Pulse Width Modulation
Studio Exercise #1 Pre-Studio Reading Studio Exercise 2: Discrete Modeling
FG and Oscilloscope Introduction Analogies: Electrical - Mechanical
Week 2 Simple Physical System Supplementary Notes
Electrical Systems Part 1 Rigid Body Plane Motion Kinetics Summary
Engineering Systems  
System Inputs – Modeling – Time and Frequency Domains Week 10
Class Quiz #1 Mechanical System Modeling Problems 1 DOF Solutions
Studio Quiz #1 Discrete Control
Problem Set #1 Arduino Control
Week #2 Studio Exercise Class Quiz 6
  Class Quiz 7
Week 3 Discrete Control One-Page Summary
Electrical Systems Part 2 Mechanical System Design Problem
Class Quiz #2 Problem Set 6
Studio Quiz #2 Studio Quiz 6
Problem Set #2 Studio Quiz 7
Week #3 Studio Exercise  
Week 4 Week 12
Electrical Systems Part 3 Electrical Systems Part 3
Intro to MatLab Electrical Systems Part 4
Intro to Simulink Electrical Systems Part 5
Problem Sets #3 and #4 Mag Lev Sensor Exercise
Week #4 Studio Exercise Mag Lev Power Stage Exercise
Week 5  
Introduction to Control Systems Week 13
Studio Exercise Week #5 Part 1 Basic Electrodynamics
Studio Exercise Week #5 Part 2 Magnetic Levitation System Slides
Problem Set #5 Magnetic System Fundamentals
Class Quizzes #3 and #4  
Feedback Control Systems Part 1  
  Week 14
Week 6 Brushed DC Motor Modeling
Class Quiz # 5 Brushed DC Motors Abridged
Electrical Filter Design Problem Pittman Servo Motors Application Note
Second-Order Dynamic Systems  
Week 7  
Pulse Width Modulation  
PI Control Design First-Order System  
Analog vs. PWM Control  
Class Quiz #6  
Week 8 Mid-Semester Review  
Electromechanical Engineering Systems Mid-Semester Case Study  
Electromechanical Engineering Systems Slide Presentation  
Key Concepts Class Midterm Exam  
Key Concepts Studio Midterm Exam